2019 EU Nations Water Polo Cup – Men Clubs Tournament – INFORMATION

We are happy to invite you to the 2019 EU Nations Water Polo Cup – Men Clubs Tournament. Following teams will contest for the tournament champion title: Stepp Prague (CZE), RDM Mouscron (BEL), Bangkok WPC (THI), Zaibas (LTU), Invicta WPC (ENG), WBC Tirol (SUI), Cheltenham (IRL), ASV Wien (AUT), Jarfalla (SWE), FREM Odense (DEN), Riga Sharks (LAT) and Hapoel (ISR). Big thanks goes to all the teams for participating,  and also The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the city of Prague for the financial support of this special event.

With 12 teams participating there will be 4 groups of 3 teams each. Each group will play round robin basis. After round, the 4 group winners will form Group E, the 4 group runners-up will form Group F and the 3 rd placed teams will form Group G. These groups will then play a further round robin which will decide final placings.

We will be streaming all of the matches from this event on our YouTube channel. All of the results will be available here on our website and also shared in the Facebook event. In the FB event you will be also able to find photos from the ceremonies and from the action aswell. You can attend the event live inside the stadium of Podolí.


Stream channelČeské vodní pólo

Facebook event2019 EU Nations Water Polo Cup – Men Clubs